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Swift Kick - CD $15.00

With an all-star cast of musicians, Australian drummer Andrew Swift's debut recording packs a Swift Kick. From the inimitable trombone and vocals of Wycliffe Gordon, to the tough, gritty solos of modern day tenor titan Eric Alexander, Swift Kick is a straight-ahead record with wide mainstream appeal. Veteran pianist George Cables brings his signature brand of hard swinging piano, while rock-solid bassist Dwayne Burno teams up with Swift to lay a solid foundation for a bevy of exciting instrumentalists that includes trumpet master Ryan Kisor, rising saxophone star Sharel Cassity, skilled guitarist Yotam, and virtuoso trombonist Michael Dease.

"This is smart jazz that does not brag or indulge in over composition or arrangement, meaning it is very listenable and enjoyable." C. Michael Bailey

"Swift Kick (DClef Records) is his debut as a bandleader and shows a wide-ranging set of influences but always with the "beat" and the melody at the center.", Richard Kamins

"A hard hitting, front rank date that will open jazzbo ears in need of a new kick..."
Midwest Record, Chris Spector

"They say you can begin to judge the talent, and character of a musician by the company that they keep. Well if that is the case, Australian transplant drummer Andrew Swift has a lot going for him.", Jeff Krow

Swift Kick - CD